118 Fun and Easy Marriage Tips

Sometimes life gets in the way of your marriage. So many things to take care of, you forget to take care of the most important relationship that you have on the planet.

I’m guilty.

I forget that I need to communicate better. I need to listen more intently. I need to care about the little things. I need to actively participate in our relationship (you only coast downhill!) .

I believe that my marriage is the most important relationship that I have in my life. So, to remind myself, and encourage you…I decided to write a list of fun and easy Marriage Tips.

I also have selected certain points on the list to highlight in other entries – Feel free to click thru to get more in depth ideas! Also, I believe that most of my ideas will cross the gender lines – so if it says “his” or “hers” – don’t get hung up on the gender, just go with the spirit of the idea and TRY IT!

118 Fun and Easy Marriage Tips

1. Act like you are on the same team

2. Ask about her thoughts from church, synagogue, mosque the last time you went

3. Ask about what he/she likes ‘sexually’ and ‘in the bedroom’

4. Ask each other questions – deep probing questions

5. Ask more questions – light hearted fun questions

6. Ask even more questions – ‘how do they deal with it when’…questions

7. Ask what they have on their agenda for the day, the week, the month

8. Assume he/she is on your side, not against you

9. Be a visionary in your relationship – dream about your future and talk about it

10. Be more passionate at home, not just at work. Bring home your passion, not just negativity

11. Be passionate in your communication with each other (that doesn’t have to mean yelling)

12. Be real with her

13. Brush your teeth before talking with each other

14. Build a dream list/dream folder together

15. Build them up

16. Call each other during the day for no reason

17. Catch them doing something well, then compliment them on it (Encourage Your Spouse!)

18. Clean up the house without them asking

19. Find a ministry you would enjoy serving in together

20. Find little pockets of time to spend together

21. Comment on how good they look!

22. Comment on the new clothing or how something you like about the clothes

23. Comment on the new hairstyle

24. Dance at restaurants

25. Dance together at the end credits of a movie

26. Do devotions together

27. Don’t jump to conclusions or assume they mean the worst

28. Don’t masturbate (mainly guys) -then you have to rely on your wife as your only sexual outlet. This forces you to communicate in a more loving manner!!

29. Enjoy small things

30. Find an open air band or orchestra and go dance together

31. Flirt with each other publicly

32. Get a babysitter

33. Give a little bit more in the relationship

34. Give them a compliment in public

35. Go back to the first place you had a date

36. Go have coffee

37. Go shopping together and engage in the experience

38. Go to a park and swing with each other

39. Go to a park and walk around

40. Have Sex – once a week at least

41. Have Sex – even if you have to schedule it

42. Have Sex – Kitchen,couch, bedroom, – its your house!

43. Have Sex – forbidden places: backseats, dark secluded rooms, parks – be adventurous, but cautious!

44. Have More Sex – The more you are intimate, the more connected you are with your spouse. (Enjoy sex with your spouse)

45. Hold hands

46. Increase your conversations about sex with each other

47. Jump on him when he gets home

48. Keep short accounts (forgive easily and quickly)

49. Ladies – be elusive and mysterious for him – keep him guessing a bit

50. Lead a project together at church

51. Listen to a Marriage Podcast Together!

52. Love them into the future (think the best about them)

53. Make decisions together

54. Make her dinner and then offer to do the dishes then massage her feet

55. Make the bedroom off limits to kids

56. Massages – Non sexual

57. Massages – sexual

58. Never embarrass them in public

59. Never forget to keep learning about them

60. Never introduce them as “My old lady”, “The Ball and Chain”, “Stupid”, “Fatso”

61. Never put them down in public

62. Notice little things and say something positive (tell her you like her shoes – girls like that sort of thing – Thanks American President)

63. Open up about something that scares you

64. Open up about something that excites you

65. Open up about something that has hurt you

66. Pay attention to their dislikes

67. Pay attention to their likes

68. Play easy to get…and be uninhibited in the bedroom

69. Play hard to get…but then be uninhibited in the bedroom

70. Play games with each other (board)

71. Pray together

72. Pray together – for family

73. Pray together – not just simple prayers, but deep prayers

74. Pray together – simple prayers, not deep prayers

75. Put all your money into one account, don’t have separate accounts.

76. Read a book together

77. REMEMBER that they are your spouse

78. Remember the things that you fell in love with in the first place

79. Remember they have infinite souls and that you aren’t done getting to know them

80. Remember your spouse is a sensual sexual being

81. Respect them as a person

82. Send IMs to each other during the day

83. Serve them

84. Set a time to talk to each other after the kids are in bed. Make it a habit. SCHEDULE it

85. Show her how you like to be touched

86. Show him how you like to be touched

87. Sleep Holding hands

88. Sleep touching a part of your spouse

89. Slow down

90. Stop being a workaholic

91. Stop working at 9 pm (if you are work at home parents)

92. Study the Bible together

93. Take dance lessons

94. Take up a hobby together

95. Talk about work with your spouse

96. Talk about your favorite tv show together

97. Talk about your marriage 5 10 and 20 years down the road

98.  Talk well to them

99.  Tease one another sexually

100. Tell each other you dreams

101. Tell each other your desires

102. Tell each other your fantasies

103. Tell him/her she looks terrific

104. Tell him/her something from Childhood that she doesn’t know

105. Tell him/her what you like

106. Tell him gently what you don’t like, better yet…

107. Show Him

108. Tell him he is amazing and you respect him

109. Tell him something from Childhood that he doesn’t know

110. Treat them how you would like to be treated

111. Turn off the computer

112. Turn off the iPod

113. Turn off the radio

114.Turn off the TV

115. Watch your favorite TV show together

116. Write a letter to him/her

117.Write a story together

118. Have Sex. Now its your turn…

What fun and easy Marriage tips can you add to the list?


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  1. This is amazing!!! I’m printing it out and sharing it with my hubby. This will keep things very exciting, very intimate, heart felt and close for us!!!

    1. Excuse me? That is an inappropriate comment on a lovely post. Be mindful of what you say, the world can see it.

    2. I think these are things we need to be reminded of and if you cherish your marriage, relationship you would feel the same. To say this bad and cancer is an awful thing to state especially if you have known anyone that has experienced this terrible disease. I will pray for you and hope you have a relationship so wonderful you will want to exercise the list.

  2. What an awesome list. I will definitely be using some of these ideas! Thank you so very much.

    Ann Anderson: What a sad comment. I said a prayer for you…

    Btw, I think perhaps you accidentally repeated #104 twice (see #109)

    God bless you!

  3. What a great list!

    You asked, “What fun and easy Marriage tips can you add to the list?”

    – make a video giving marriage “tips” to your kids for when THEY get married – (it’s OK if they’re just little now – it’ll be a hoot for everyone to watch in 10 – 20 years)

    – on a hot summer day play with water balloons – wet t-shirts are fun! 😉

    1. Add kool-aid (no sugar, just the packet) to the balloons before filling them, and wear white shirts. compete to get the other more colored. just don’t wear clothes you care about.

  4. I will add to the list… take vacation together and short mini vacation So be a night in a hotel….

  5. Found this while looking for valentine ideas the other day. I would like to add a few things that help me.

    Remember- This too shall pass. The good and the bad. Remember there will eventually be a last time for everything in this life. The last time you welcome your partner ( or child) home, the last time you kiss them good night, the last time you hear their voice, the last time you make love, the last time you look them in the eyes. Keeping that in mind, are you satisfied with your goodbyes this morning? Saying you were too tired last night? Sniping about the mess around the house? What you did as a family last weekend? If you knew those were your last times, would you have done them different?

    Life is a precious gift. Fleeting and fragile. Everything can change in an instant. Savour every moment and be genuine and open. There isn’t time to waste being angry or resentful. Learn to let the unimportant things go. It’s not worth the fight sometimes. It’s just easier to let it go with an open heart and no resentment. Live the serenity prayer.

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