Stupendous Marriage Show 74: 4+ Reasons Not to Have Sex Before Marriage

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More than 4 reasons not to have sex before marriage


Went for a quick weekend in our old state of Louisiana to return to Lisa’s Dad in the Hospital – so we had to do some quick thinking and record in our car!

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Segment 1:

A response to our email from last week – encouraging listeners to read Willard Harley’s “His Needs Her Needs”. You can grab that below (aff link)

Segment 2:

A listener wrote a short email requesting 4 reasons not to have sex before marriage. We came up with 10. This segment has the first 5.

Segment 3:

This segment has the last 5 of the reasons not to have sex before marriage.


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— Stu Gray (@stugray) September 3, 2012


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  1. One of the biggest conflicts I have in my life is about this issue. I’ve only had sex with one woman, but it was outside of marriage, and adulterous as well (she was married, but the man wasn’t around). I fell in love with her before that, but was too scared of rejection to tell her. Once lust got involved, everything went to hell. I knew I was doing wrong, and I hated that fact, but I felt trapped between my desires (physical and otherwise) for this woman, and the love I knew still existed inside me for God. The experience itself was incredible, but the intense fear and lack of peace shook me to my core. Not wanting to give either one up became a terrible nightmare, and after several times trying to make it work, she and I broke up for good in 2006. I’ve been single and celibate since then, and one of my fears is telling my bride-to-be about this someday. Reconciling the truth of my sin with the still pleasant physical memories is a battle I still fight.

    1. I’m sorry to hear so. thanks you for sharing your experience with us,
      I’m still waiting upon God and im glad i havent have sex till now in order to give it as a gift to my future husband.

      I pray the Lord heal your heart and give understanding and peace to your future wife

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