5 Things To Do When Your Sex Life Is Like Cold Pizza

Warm up the lovin’ with these 5 ideas

5 things to do when your sex life is like cold pizza
Pizza is good.

Hot-out-of-the-oven pizza is better.

Cold Pizza is great for frat boys and single guys.

It’s ok – definitely not as good as fresh from the oven. The congealed cheese and clumpy red sauce just doesn’t have the same appeal.

Sex is Good.

Great sex with your spouse is better best!

Cold — or non existent — sex is for the birds.

And its not healthy for your marriage either.

Here are 5 things to do when your sex life is like cold pizza:

1. Place your order.

Just talking about pizza makes me happy.  It means I get to enjoy the pizza aroma wafting through the air. Maybe, it means that I get to cook the pizza myself, and I get the joy of finding the right ingredients and asking my son to help make the dough. It’s a joy.

Perhaps we don’t talk about sex enough. The build up, the likes, the feelings we enjoy, the fun things we are looking forward to when we get in the mood. Express lovingly what is working, or what isn’t. What do you like, what do you feel is lacking?

2. Try out new toppings.

I have to admit that I am not very adventurous when it comes to pizza. I like what I like. I’m a pepperoni lover. Lots of veggies aren’t my thing. But I have tried them. I needed to try them to see if I enjoyed them.

If you stick to one recipe for sex and never discover other recipes, it could grow stale. The love shared in the marriage bedroom is exclusively for you and your mate. To enjoy one another fully and be drawn closer together. Talk about other things you could try and enjoy. Don’t pressure or push. But think TOGETHER about new possibilities.

3. Get it to go.

There are certain pizza places where you can go in, sit down and enjoy the full on experience of a great dinner. There are other pizza places that have no places to sit. You call them and get the pizza to go.

Sometimes you want a full course sexual experience. But sometimes you just need to get it to go. You need to be open to thinking about quickies. These are not to be had every time – but having the option of quickies can add some heat to your marriage.

4. Advertise your specials.

If I am watching a football game I usually see AT LEAST one commercial for a pizza place. I start thinking about pizza. I don’t always have pizza as a result of the advertising, but I still think in that direction.

Initiating sex can be awkward. We have written some easy ideas to initiate sex with your spouse before. Here’s the thing. Don’t make ‘initiating’ the thing that happens right before you want to have sex. Think about it and begin the ‘initiating’ earlier during the day. Tell your spouse that you would like to be intimate later in the evening. The biggest sex organ we have is our brains. If it starts revving up early in the day, you sexual rendezvous will be better that evening.

5. Heat lamps keep it warm.

When you go into one of those pizza parlors that make several pizzas at a time, they are kept warm under red or orange heat lamps.

I don’t know if all of those colors are the best in the world to heat things up in the bedroom – but mood lighting might be a way to spice it up. Make your master suite a romantic bungalow that you love to retreat to when the mood hits.

If you have crud all over the floor and the dressers, your mind doesn’t register “romance” it registers, “You-gotta-be-kidding-me-I-have-more-work-to-do”. Instead of the romantic juices flowing, you’ll feel like the Formula 409 juices need to flow.

Take some time to spruce up your master bedroom so you can enjoy your time, and focus solely on your spouse.

What have you done to ‘heat things up’ when it was cold like last night’s pizza?


photo from freedigitalphotos