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two toads in love



Toads, Compassion kids and thats about that.


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Segment 1:

We talked about 4 reasons not to have sex before marriage last time. We had a couple followups to add to our list! J’s Post from Hot Holy Humorous: Rose Colored Glasses


Segment 2:

Christina asked if she and her boyfriend should get married, or if they should wait? What do you think? Send us an email.


Segment 3:

We answered a question about marriage conferences and speakers. Here is our list that we talked about on the show:

Mark Gungor

The Smalley Family

Emerson Eggrichs

Bill and Pam Farrel

A Weekend To Remember

WorldWide Marriage Encounter

There are lots of great resources – google “Marriage Conferences” to get started!


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— Stu Gray (@stugray) September 3, 2012


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