86 – Hot Holy and Humorous An Interview

J Parker from Hot Holy and Humorous talks about her new book ‘Sex Savvy’ for Christian Wives.

J. Parker from Hot, Holy and Humorous

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On the Show Today:

We’re Talking with J. Parker from Hot Holy and Humorous about her new book – Sex Savvy: A Lovemaking Guide for Christian Wives

Quote for today :

We are not victims…products of our past…we are the product of our choices. We are ‘response-able’…able to respond, to choose beyond our moods and tendencies.

– Steven Covey

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  1. I am looking forward to this interview. My wife and I love J’s blog. I suspect the book will be no different.

    1. Rick – it truly is great…Like I told J – I enjoyed it from the husband side of things…and learned some great things too!!

  2. I am so tired of hearing about how Christians have boring sex or that married sex is boring. Let me put this way, 50 Shades of Grey can’t hold a candle to The Song of Solomon!

  3. It was great hearing J

    Pondering getting this book for my wife for Christmas.

  4. This was a good show. It can be hard for women’s minds to sometimes get in the mood. Stress can play a part in how their drive can be. Working together at these together can help. Prayer and invite or acknowledge that God is there with us. Song of Songs is a good one to read and to help understand what our love should look like. It is what our love should be with our Personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Intimacy is a gift from God.

  5. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET J’S BOOK!!! I love her blog, so I imagine the book will be informative with a side of humor!

  6. Great interview. I may just buy the book and read it with my wife. We love your show and listen every week.

  7. Great podcast. I imediately emailed it to my wife to listen to it. Keep up the great podcasts.
    Sorry to hear about your loss. We’ll be praying for you guys.

  8. I so appreciate all of you guys-Stu & Lisa Gray, J. Parker- for TAKING BACK some GROUND from the enemy on the Christian’s perspective of sex! I feel as though the enemy’s tactic is instilling the fear that if we talk about all-things-sex so directly and openly- that it’s wrong, dirty, (ungodly even!), ugly, and shameful. THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS. Your guys’ blogs, websites, shows, books, etc…are exactly what we need more of-for people to turn to for GODLY advice on sex instead of other sources that are much less about finding a way to love your spouse and honor the Lord with your sex lives-and more about pleasing yourself. I, for one-am very thankful for the openness, honesty, and helpful information that you all provide.

  9. Thanks Stu for hosting J for this interview.

    Very important points were discussed. Agree totally that couples should pray together when they can. The mind is the most powerful “sexual” organ.

    Hopefully, J’s new book will be widely read and discussed. We’re sure that many Christian married couples will benefit from her helpful (and needed) insights and advice.

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