What if there was a tool to help start great conversations in your marriage?

(And it cost less than a buck?)

Husband and Wife Piggy Banks with a Penny

A Penny For Your Thoughts


is a new marriage resource for couples to start great conversations with one another!

Add to Cart99 Questions to Ask Your Husband!

Add to Cart - 99 Questions to Ask Your Wife!

Trying to think of SOMETHING to SAY?

As a married couple, it can be so easy to get into old communication habits, and never learn anything new about one another.  Do you want to break the habit but don’t know where to start?  This NEW resource is just for you.

And we’ve already done all the work!  All you have to do is look through the questions and decide what you want to ask your spouse.

What You’ll Find in ‘A Penny For Your Thoughts’

The Husband and Wife editions of A Penny For Your Thoughts EACH contain 99 questions you can ask your spouse. Ranging from family history to movies to music to sex.

Questions like:

  • How can I show you respect?
  • What are your hidden talents I don’t know about?
  • What is your favorite Psalm? Why does it have significance to you?
  • What do you find risqué?

You decide which question to ask first and then enjoy the conversation!

Add to Cart - 99 Questions to Ask Your Husband!

Add to Cart - 99 Questions to Ask Your Wife!

Sometimes the answers will be simple – some might be more complex.

After you spend some time asking questions to learn new things about your spouse, you can come away feeling more connected, and knowing just a bit more about the person you share your life with every day.

Here’s what others are saying….


I’ve been blessed with good communication in my marriage and this tool has been so helpful still. It has provided questions and answers on things we have never talked about in 20 years! It helped provide insight to my husband and see how childhood experiences color how he hears me today. – Yvette in Nashville, TN

Start a New Conversation with Your Spouse NOW:

Purchase the husband and wife versions separately, or both together. (Getting them both will still be under $2!)

For Husbands to Ask their Wives – 99 Questions, 99 cents: Add to Cart

For Wives to Ask their Husbands – 99 Questions, 99 cents: Add to Cart

Husband and Wife Versions – 198 Questions, $1.98  Add to Cart


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