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Lisa and Stu Gray
We’re Stu and Lisa Gray. We live south of Nashville, Tennessee with our 10 year old son, and our new puppy named Sweets! (Sounds like we should be from Tennessee doesn’t it?)

I (Stu) enjoy the journey of being a husband and father, a former Youth Pastor and  voiceover actor. Several years ago, God spoke to my heart that I was to be a ‘Creative Mouthpiece for Positive Life Change’. In short, I love encouraging others to live awesome lives.

Lisa is a beautiful wife, Mom, and the best Real Estate Agent in Middle Tennessee (of course, I’m biased!). Her passion is to encourage women to be who God made them to be, in their marriages, their professional lives, their parenting, their finances… in every part of their life.

Why Stupendous Marriage?

After six years of marriage, I (Stu) realized that I was taking my relationship for granted. Lisa and I were not communicating well, and I felt we had hit rock bottom. Not wanting to let our relationship fall apart, I began reading lots of books about what makes a great marriage.

With my change of heart, a change of my ways, and a super crazy urge to read every book on marriage I could get my hands on, came a desire to honor my marriage, and work on building the best one I could — A Stupendous Marriage! Plus, I realized that what I was reading and learning was not just valuable to me, but would be valuable to others whose marriages also weren’t so stupendous.

Stu and Lisa Gray Stupendous Marriage Show CaricatureLike I mentioned before, Encouraging people – and specifically married couples on this website – is something that God laid on my heart, and it just won’t go away! I go back to 1 Corinthians 14:3 that talks about encouraging, strengthening and comforting people with the words we say or write.

The first generation of this blog (called ‘The Marry Blogger’) began in 2009, and this version of Stupendous Marriage was launched in April of 2011. Currently you can listen to our Marriage podcast or be encouraged by some of our writing about marriages.

So What Now?

Make sure you check out The Stupendous Marriage Show and download a couple episodes to take along and listen to with your spouse.

Here are a couple great reads for you to check out:

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You can subscribe for free marriage blog updates, or just receive the show – it’s up to you.

We’re so glad you are here – and we look forward to getting to know you and your spouse!

What others have said at Stupendous Marriage

I found you podcast about 4 months ago and since my marriage of 3 years has blossomed in every aspect. We enjoy listening together when possible, so thank you for this ministry.  – Monica

You’ve built a great resource here. – Sarah 

 Thank you for your podcasts!  I have noticed a difference in my attitude toward my husband since I have started listening.  I have also noticed an increase in my motivation to keep my house clean and the laundry washed! (This is a miracle in itself.  I DO NOT DO HOUSEWORK OR LAUNDRY!)  – Mindy

You have given such a sweet recipe for marriage and keeping them alive … thanks for the blog! – Sudeep

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