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Lisa and Stu Gray
We’re Stu and Lisa Gray. We live south of Nashville, Tennessee with our 8 year old son, and a dog named BOO! (Sounds like we should be from Tennessee doesn’t it?)

I (Stu) enjoy the journey of being a husband and father – plus a freelance entrepreneur (I am a voiceover actor, audio production specialist and copywriter). Plus you may have heard me on the WAY FM Radio Satellite Network…I am the night personality there! I also have written about marriage for the Traditional Love blog at YourTango.com — another resource to encourage you in your marriage.

Can I brag on my wife? Lisa is a tremendous woman, beautiful wife, Mother and the best Real Estate Agent in Middle Tennessee (of course, I’m biased!). Her passion is to encourage women to be who God made them to be, in their marriage, their professional life, their parenting, their finances… in every part of their life.

Why Stupendous Marriage?

After six years of marriage, I (Stu) realized that I was taking my relationship for granted. Lisa and I were not communicating well, and I felt we had hit rock bottom. Not wanting to let our relationship fall apart, I began reading lots of books about what makes a great marriage.

With my change of heart, a change of my ways, and a super crazy urge to read every book on marriage I could get my hands on, came a desire to honor my marriage, and work on building the best one I can — A Stupendous Marriage! Plus, I realized that what I was reading and learning was not just valuable to me, but would be valuable to others whose marriages were less than stupendous.

My first marriage blog, The Marry Blogger began in March 2009, and had over 200 posts dedicated to encouraging marriages.

Stupendous Marriage was launched in April of 2011. This website – Stupendous Marriage –  has a Marriage podcast and a section of our writing about strengthening marriages.

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We’re so glad you are here – and we look forward to getting to know you and your spouse!

What others have said at Stupendous Marriage

Hey, a friend sent me one of your articles a while back I subscribed and I have been encouraged and challenged and sometimes that meant taking a hard look at myself. – Chansa

You’ve built a great resource here. – Sarah Baron Anonymous8

I love metaphors, Stu, and this one is brilliant! After 31+ years of marriage, I’m sure we’re working with some outdated material. Thanks for getting me thinking! – Debi Walter The Romantic Vineyard

You have given such a sweet recipe for marriage and keeping them alive … thanks for the blog! – Sudeep