Be Sneaky – Episode 145

Stu says “Be Sneaky” about finding pockets of time for intentional connection with your spouse! (Lisa, the kiddo AND the Dog are sick this week!)

Inlaws causing issues in marriage

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On the Show Today:

Lisa, the kiddo and the dog are sick…so I take a stab at it alone!

A Question we recieved talked about couples having different schedules, so how do you find time to connect? I’m sure Lisa will want to chime in in a later episode, but today, its just my answer!

In short: Be Sneaky!

Find pockets of time in your calendar to be intentional with your spouse 🙂

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  1. Great show!

    I find that in order for the “sneaky” times to work well, you need to be affectionate in the non-sneaky times. Sometimes that’s a pat on the rump, sometimes it’s helping out where they aren’t expecting it.

    Keep it up! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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