Boobs, Butts and Legs

Ad :Lady in a one piece swimsuit

Here is what is on my mind, see if it resonates with you…

We are sexual beings.

In our culture, Sex is a selling machine. Big Business.

Because we have made sex a selling machine, it seems that women have become “Parts“.

Boobs. Butts. Legs.

Advertising and Stereotypes

In most media and advertising, women are:

1. Objects for men to lust over or

2. Nagging wives who verbally abuse and torment their husbands.

Yet Men haven’t been left out by advertisers either. Guys are portrayed as either:

1. Idiots who are absent emotionally, physically or mentally or

2. Sex or Alcohol crazed idiots who act like children.

Stereotypes Suck

We are a nation of zombies who sit in front of the boob tube and let it influence us and who we are. We let advertisers, using sex, brainwash us into thinking that is how the world is.

That women are just Boobs, Butts and Legs, or Nagging Witches.

My beautiful wife™ is much more than just boobs, butt and legs. And she is far from a nagging witch.

She is a complete woman – including great boobs, butt and legs, and moments where she does nag. But she also has other important parts -soul, spirit and mind. All of these elements make up my wife. Not just Parts.

To be honest, Its easy to sell men on sex. The advertiser chooses to appeal to a base instinct. Sex. And when they do, they win eyes. Some they win because of lust, some they win because of the “What are they going to do next?” factor.

Do We Honor Either Sex Any More?

Women are portrayed as sex objects or nags. Men are seen as idiots or henpecked.

I can’t go a day without seeing a lingerie commercial, or a woman rolling her eyes because her husband “messed up again”.

It ticks me off.

What if advertisers traveled the high road and didn’t use sex to sell their goods?

What if advertisers built up marriage  instead of making it look like living hell to be in one?

Could they do it? Sure. But will it sell? -an important factor for advertisers.

Does this bother anyone else?

Am I off the mark here? Does this frustrate you?

How can we help the advertising industry portray marriage in a better light? What do we do so we aren’t lured only by Boobs Butts and Legs?

photo by Rchappo2002