Holiday Conversations

Christmas season is here.

This past weekend we went to two different Christmas parties and spent the evenings talking to people about Their lives, families and God.

Sometimes, though, you don’t have a party to spur conversations with your spouse.

Sure, I think that the end of the year could lead to good conversations between you and your spouse – especially if you need to think about how to manage your visit with the inlaws, or you want to think about your goals for the new year.


Sometimes that conversational well that you used to draw from can seem to dry up.

It happens.

If you’re in that boat, Lisa and I are working on a resource just for you.

If all the old conversations are just blah, needing a jump start, or are simply non-existent?

We hear ya.

Over here in the Stupendous Marriage Labs (a cool name for our family room), we’ve been working on a resource that will help married couples start a good conversation.

There’s one specifically for husbands, and one for wives.

We’ll let you know more about it in a few days.

It’ll be here in time for Christmas.

So, maybe, if you travel over the river and through the woods, instead of staring at the cold dead trees out the window, you could be connecting with your spouse again.

That sounds like a better plan to me!

A Penny For Your Thoughts – Conversation Starters for Married Couples is Available Now!!

photo from mrhayata

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