Learning from J.Lo and Marc Anthony

This week, I wrote an article for the Traditional Love blog at YourTango.com about what we can learn from the divorce of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

You would think that after a while, there wouldn’t be anything more we could learn from a celebrity divorce. But it’s not true. I think we can always learn something from a broken marriage, if only so we don’t repeat their mistakes.

1. Know that the seven year mark is a difficult time. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married seven years. Experts say that the 7 to 10 year mark is the time when many people start to think about jumping out of marriages. This was true in my own marriage. About 7 years in, I began searching for what could make my marriage better, thankfully, instead of deciding to give up. I decided to improve what we had. Know that these periods of time are going to come, and they are also going to pass. If you keep working on your marriage, and not looking for ways to eject from it, you will come out better on the other side….
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Thinking more on this topic,  the “7 year itch” isn’t the only  difficult period for couples. Another time that is noted by experts as being problematic is the 18-20 year mark. This period of time is when the kids are leaving home, and parents are readjusting to being a married couple. After dedicating a big chunk of time to kids, many couples find they have difficulties remembering who they married!

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