From Shabby to Stupendous: A Manifesto for Marriage

A Manifesto for Marriage
Stupendous Marriage Manifesto
Shortened version of the Stupendous Marriage Manifesto.

A Stupendous Marriage is Intentional.

As we pursue a stupendous marriage, We nurture the things we are passionate about; lest our passion grow cold.
We think about, talk about, and lean in and go after a stupendous marriage 100%.

When we are intentional, it keeps our passion and interest for one another alive.

We learn about our spouses, and realize they aren’t the same today as they were yesterday.

We refuse to join with those who badmouth their mate.

We find couples who encourage us while working toward stupendous.

A Stupendous Marriage Has Vision.

Our marriages impact neighborhoods, communities, cities, states and countries. Yes, even the world.

Our marriages make a difference.
We know where we are going 5 and 10 years down the road.
We dream together about how our marriage will be used by God to impact others and their lives.

We support our spouses vision.
We stand with them when they have a dream. We are our spouses biggest cheerleader and are not threatened when they succeed.

A Stupendous Marriage Communicates.

We talk about all things good and bad.
There are no secrets or unexpected creepy crawlies hiding in the closet.
All is communicated in love.

Speaking the truth is one thing.
Speaking the truth in love is another.
We want the latter.

A Stupendous Marriage Is A Team.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our spouse when problems come our way.

Doubt, fear, unbelief and other creepies try to cram their way between us.
They aren’t allowed.

Shoulder to Shoulder we rely on and encourage one another to fight the fight together.
Not against each other.

A Stupendous Marriage is Money Wise

When we became one, everything we had became one. Money included.

We know where the money is, and where it goes.
Together, standing side by side we make decisions and plans for the money we steward.

We are blessed to be a blessing. We love to give.
We realize we are stewards and its not all about us.

A Stupendous Marriage Starts with Me.

I can’t change my spouse.

The only thing I can change is me.
When I do, things change.

Control and manipulation don’t work.
I love as best I can while exhibiting grace, humility and a willing spirit.

A Stupendous Marriage Realizes Differences.

As human beings with different life experiences, we expect our spouses to think differently than us.
This isn’t a shock.

We work on understanding before being understood.
We show love in the way they like to be loved, not our own preference.

A Stupendous Marriage Has Great Intimacy.

Intimacy with God flows from Him toward our Spouse and others.
Intimacy is more than sex.

We love well because we were loved first by God.
We connect with our spouse via our intellect, our creativity and the activities we pursue together.

We are intimate when storms come our way, and when skies are clear and blue.
We share life experiences. Our Work, our extended family, our friends are shared with our most intimate friend and partner.

We celebrate highs and lows and all those in between times in the sanctuary of our bedrooms.
Sexual intimacy is fun and adventurous and free within that holy space.

The intimacy we share invigorates us to take on the world together and individually and share those experiences with each other.