No Connection Outside the Bedroom – Episode 149

A Listener has no connection outside the bedroom with her husband. How does she rekindle connection?

Inlaws causing issues in marriage

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We have leaves out the Wazoo.


I only feel a connection with my new husband in the bedroom. I have made a commitment to him, but how do I rekindle my feelings for him?


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    1. Haha!
      Honestly, I can say that would be a way (Ladies) to rekindle some sparks outside the bedroom! It begins with flirtatious FUN. In my opinion as a female, a husband’s view of his wife doing some outside yard labor with a backpack leafblower (gas powered of course), would be a noticeable increase in eyes being directed more your way. And, if you add fun into it with a little burst of wind power here and there with smiles…..that would be a winner I would hope.

  1. Intimacy is the result of vulnerability and commitment. If this is something that both couples do, they are able to connect in the process of resolving issues. The issues aren’t the problem, how you resolve issues is the real solution. I agree with Stu, you probably need some counseling to get the ball rolling. As a marriage and Sex therapist for over 15 years emotional sharing is where you might want to spend some time. One exercise I have couples do to create emotional connection is to identify an emotion any emotion, then describe a time when you felt that emotion. Take turns doing this a few times a week and what you will find is that when you share more you care more.

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