Pornography a struggle in Your Marriage? Read These

Over the past weeks, we have been honored to be featured on several great marriage blogs – take a second to check out our post at One Flesh Marriage and HappilyMarriedAfter!

Our One Flesh Marriage article was focused on answering one question: If there was only one thing from the story of your marriage that you could share, what would it be?

My response started here: Let’s start from the beginning. While my wife Lisa and I were dating, she discovered that I had a problem with looking at pornography. It became the ‘elephant in the room’ in our relationship… we both knew it was there, but rarely talked about it. After we were married, I knew that something had to change, but didn’t know where to start… continue reading

On HappilyMarriedAfter, we were honored to be part of “Sex” Month! David asked me to talk a bit about pornography addiction and marriage.

I wanted to be a better man, a better husband and father. I didn’t want to be someone who caused hurt, pain and resentment with my decisions to look at pornography (I could cause those feelings in other ways, and I didn’t need viewing porn to fan those flames).

I also wanted to be the man who stood up for God and made a difference in the life of my son. I wanted to break the generational disintegration that seemed to be happening in the men in my family. ..continue reading

Check these out if pornography is an issue in your marriage!


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