Rackin’ up the Love Bucks

I was having lunch with my friend Brian recently, and he was telling me of a challenge that he was taking part in. I wanted to pass it along to you, because I think its a great idea…and one you may have heard, but never done.

The Love Buck Experiment

The story my friend told me is about his buddy Jason who wanted more accountability in the sexual arena with his wife. So he made it a tangible thing. Every time they are intimate – they drop a buck in the Mason Jar. At the end of the year, they go do something together. If they have 10 bucks, they eat at McDonalds. If they have 50, they go somewhere nicer.

Easy premise, and also a great visual reminder for those who like to see progress. I think that’s why I like the challenge myself. I can get into ‘crummy’ thinking and start feeling “Woe is me” because the physical intimacy hasn’t happened on my schedule, to the level I believe it should happen. If I see a visible reminder – I can look at it and say – Hey – we actually HAVE been intimate quite a bit – stop with the stinkin thinkin!’

Variations On a Theme

Jason mentions in his post that one couple is dropping in wine corks – each representing a dollar – and at the end of the year, they’ll count the corks, and buy a nice bottle of wine to share. My buddy Brian shared that they purchased a nice Vase and drop a marble or bead in it to represent their times together. This way, they get a cool decoration that only they truly know what it means (well, now WE know what it means too, but I don’t think you’re going to be visiting their house anytime soon)

So what do you think about the Love Buck Experiment – would it be something that you would try?