Stupendous Marriage Show 68: Holiday Traditions

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New Holiday Tradition this year with Stu’s Family – !!!

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Segment 1:

A listener email about life changes after the baby. She is working full time, and he only part time, but he wants their marriage to be like it was before the child.

Segment 2:

From Auntie Em’s Guide to Life – An Explosive Combination – talking about expectiations during the holidays

Segment 3:

Hi Drive Wives? This is a new blog that you will just love! Great stuff here from Annabel. We talked a little about this post – Go Low


PS…We didn’t talk about this on the show, but our friend Sheila Wray Gregoire has released a new e-book called 31 Days to Great Sex
it looks awesome, you can click thru to check it out below!


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— Stu Gray (@stugray) September 3, 2012


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  1. Stu & Lisa,
    I am completely humbled and touched that you talked about my blog in this show! Thank you so much for your support. Praying for your ministry to married couples and looking forward to getting to know you guys better through the shows and blog.


  2. Hey Stu and Lisa, Thanks so much for the shout-out! I like your comments; I’m proud to be in such good company!
    Blessings and best wishes for a CALM and PEACEFUL Holiday season!
    Melinda/Auntie Em

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