Stupendous Marriage Show 76: Words Matter

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words matter in marriage



I’m lucky I don’t have a broken nose. Lisa’s has a killer elbow.


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Segment 1:

Our email this week talks about a wife whose husband constantly threatens and pressures her to do more and be more, but doesn’t do anything himself. You can send your emails to us here


Segment 2:

More thoughts about Our Email – we wanted to go a little further on our thoughts.


Segment 3:

Steven Crowder is not going to talk badly about his wife. This is awesome! Lets take the challenge husbands!!



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— Stu Gray (@stugray) September 3, 2012


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  1. says

    Hi Stu and Lisa! This episode inspired me to write my own post about “speaking life” into our marriages. Thanks for turning me on to Steven’s article. I’ve love to have your comments (I gave you a shout out at the top of the page!): Don’t call your spouse a ball and chain.

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