Be a visionary in your relationship – dream about your future and talk about it

We saw this movie with Queen Latifah recently called Last Holiday. (Its a couple years old, but if you haven’t seen it, (guys) its not bad. And I am pretty picky about romantic comedies) To give you the Hollywood pitch: Georgia Byrd finds out that she has 3 months to live. She up and quits […]

Ask about her thoughts from church, synagogue, mosque the last time you went

Its easy to disconnect and not talk at all. I have found that a great way to get conversation going, is to ask questions about church. Its easy because: – We both Go (just being there with your spouse creates a connection with each other – because it is something you are doing together!) – […]

Ask More Questions – Light Hearted Fun Questions

Written by the Beautiful Wife I don’t know how many times I see couples with children, some without, eating dinner and not speaking a word to each other. I know that everyone is not a talker like I am, but verbal communication is SO important in a marriage. Talk about work, the kids, news, sports, […]