Is Your Marriage Communication Encountering Stormy Weather?


Photo thanks to robtxgal “Major storms are headed our way. Most likely tomorrow morning between 2 am and 10 am.” So said our friendly reliable weatherperson on the local news just before we jumped into bed on Friday night. The Beautiful Wife™ tossed and turned all night, anticipating the stormy weather. We were part of […]

Ask about her thoughts from church, synagogue, mosque the last time you went

Its easy to disconnect and not talk at all. I have found that a great way to get conversation going, is to ask questions about church. Its easy because: – We both Go (just being there with your spouse creates a connection with each other – because it is something you are doing together!) – […]

Respect Them As A Person

Written by Lisa… We were very fortunate to work together before we were a couple. We learned about each other and observed each other in a business setting. I think we both respected and admired each others work ethic. I am so grateful that this respect has carried into our marriage. Do you have a […]