Talk About Work With Your Spouse

We have friends who never talk about their work life with each other.

I am sure that it is easy to do – sometimes the last thing you want to do, if you have a crappy job, is go home and talk about it more.

But on the flip side, your hunny is the A #1, top person you should share the crapola with, so they can be on your side.

Not that it should turn into a whining complaining moaning groaning session…

No need to go there.

But why not allow your spouse to enter into what you do a bit, and tell them about what you do, who you interact with, that special project, or the crazy lady who comes into your office that always smells like altoids and maple syrup.

They will definitely enjoy being included in your day. It will make you closer, and help communication between the two of you.

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