Sometimes You Should Tell Old Stories

My Grandpa used to tell a story about me when I was little. I used to hate when he told it (which was almost every holiday).

It was about a time our family was grilling out and Grandpa asked me to “get him a hamburger and step on it”.

Yes, I took him literally.

As 3 year old, when I got his hamburger off the grill, I threw it on the ground and stomped the living crap out of it.

He thought it was the funniest thing ever.

For several years, that has been one of the stories in his repetoire concerning me and my upbringing. There are several other stories that I don’t have time to go into here.

Tell Old Stories

For awhile there, I worked for a nationally syndicated radio show. One afternoon we took the new guys on the team to lunch.

The host of the show bought us lunch that day, and he told stories about the show, about funny callers and funny things that had been said on the show years before these guys came along.

I think it was really helpful for those new dudes.

1 – It helped them get an idea of the culture of the place

2 – It gave insight into the leader/host of the show, and how he thought

3 – It helped us, who had been there a while, to remember why we were there

4 – It inspired us to keep moving forward

5 – It reminded us of the past

6 – It helped us remain true to what we were doing

7 – It connected us in a way that “learning the mission statement” couldn’t

It was pretty cool actually.

Tell old Stories With and To Your Spouse

When you tell old stories about your spouse (when its not in a negative way) you reconnect in a valuable way. Just like the points above for those new guys at the ministry, the same thing happens when you and your spouse revisit your favorite dating stories, or events that have happened in your marriage.

What stories can you reminisce about with your spouse? Here’s a quick list to get started:

  • Your First Date
  • Your Best Date
  • When Your Kids Were Born
  • When you met your spouses Parents for the first time
  • Craziest and Best Vacation
  • Memorable things your kids have done
  • Memorable accomplishments your spouse has achieved

The thing is to remember the good things – and not highlight the crazy (because there is always crazy – if you know what I mean). You want to rekindle and remember those good things in your relationship to help remind you of the goodwill between you two.

What stories do you relive and revisit in your marriage? Those things might reconnect you with your spouse.