The Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2009


The first annual Top 10 Marriage Blog list began in 2009. Readers from Stupendous Marriage (called The Marry Blogger at the time) voted in early December for their favorite marriage blogs.

The finalist list included 18 terrific blogs, and there were just over 100 votes.

If you are looking for marriage advice, inspiration and great reads for your marriage, the readers of Stupendous Marriage recommend that you check out these terrific blogs.

The Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2009:

10. The Generous Husband

Offering daily tips for being a more generous husband.

9. The Generous Wife 

Encouraging others with the desire to bless their spouses

8. She Just Got Married 

A social network for Newlywed women that celebrates the joy of love and the journey of marriage

7. Simple Marriage

Focusing on simplicity in marriage

6. Life Gems 4 Marriage

This research based blog encourages and strengthens marriages and families

5. Project M

A real look at marriage from a younger married woman

4. Dr. Michelle Gannon

 Michelle is the founder of ‘Marriage Prep 101’ workshops and has helped couples for 20 years

3. Whispered Between Women 

A blog about the secrets married women keep and a place to whisper amongst friends

2. Project Happily Ever After

Advice and stories that provide you with a sense of hope that happiness

1. Engaged Marriage

Helping good people achieve extraordinary marriages

Congratulations to these terrific marriage blogs! If you don’t see your favorite marriage blog – check out the top 10 marriage blogs from 2010.

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