Three Minutes Thirty Seconds to Improve Your Marriage

In Radio, the Air Personality (ie. DJ) has to move quickly.

The average song: 3:30.

What can you cram into Three minutes, Thirty Seconds?

Talk to a listener on the phone. Check out the weather on the net. Watch a couple seconds of the latest breaking news on the studio tv. Edit a phone call. Determine the length of the intro of the next song. Chat with the sales staff member who walked in (they really shouldn’t be there). Grab a swallow of Diet Coke.  Don the headphones.  Crack the mic and … speak.

I was always so surprised how much I could do in such a short amount of time.

So, If I could do that much in Three Minutes Thirty Seconds at a radio station, there has to be several ways that we could improve our marriage in that length of time…right?

What can you do for your Husband or Wife in the next Three Minutes, Thirty Seconds?

    1. Text them to tell them you love them
    2. Send them a quick email
    3. Give Them a Kiss
    4. Make a List of Things You Love About Them
    5. Share Your List With Them
    6. Quick Neck Rub
    7. Take out the Trash
    8. Foot Massage
    9. Neck Massage
    10. Sweep the Kitchen Floor
    11. Write Them a Poem
    12. Find “Your” Song on the Internet and Download it to Share with Them
    13. Find Something Sexy to Wear for Him
    14. Shave and Brush your Teeth for Her
    15. Plan your Weekend Getaway
    16. Plan Your Weekly Date (You do Still Date each other…right?)

Think about this: Taking loving actions leads to loving feelings.

Go do it: Take the Next 3:30 and do something loving for your honey.

TALK TO ME: What did you do to express your love in 3:30? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Photo by The Rocketeer