My 10 Favorite Marriage Help Podcasts

The top 10 marriage podcasts I listen to to encourage me in my marriage

top 10 marriage podcasts

Being new to the marriage podcasting community, I’ve been spending some some time in the land of iTunes listening and enjoying several great marriage podcasts that are available for free to encourage you in your marriage. If you haven’t checked out The Stupendous Marriage Show yet, we would love for you to take a listen!) I’ll keep updating this list (as shows seem to come and go)!

Here are My Personal Top 10 Marriage Podcasts that I have found so far, in no particular order:

(I have included the iTunes link to their show, plus their website)


One Extraordinary Marriage (website) Tony and Alisa have been online friends since they started their site. They talk about life and marriage – and started the 7 days of sex challenge.

Delight Your Marriage (website) Belah Rose talks about marriage and sex from a wife’s perspective. She interviews great guests, and is very sex positive for couples and wives.

Sexy Marriage Radio (website) Dr. Corey Allen and new Cohost Shannon Etheridge talk about sex in marriage. Sexy Marriage Radio is honest, open, straight-forward talk about sex and marriage.

Marriage More (website) Jeff and Mandy Rose Share their real life and their marriage.

Smalley Marriage Radio (website) The Smalley family is known for marriage ministry! Michael has a terrific podcast to help marriages.


The Mark Gungor Show (website) I have become a Mark Gungor Fan Boy it seems ( I just reviewed his book on our site).His show is funny, smart and biblical. Great stuff.

Love and Respect Podcast (website) Emerson Eggrichs and his son Jonathan talk marriage. I loved the message of the Love and Respect book, and enjoy the practical nature of the podcasts – applying it to life.

Marriage is Funny (website) Jessie and Gerard have some great laughs about marriage and life. They just tell it like it is in their marriage. Lots of fun, lots of laughs. “There is humor in every mess!”

Free Sex Podcast (website) Two Christian ladies talking about married sex. Sure, there can be some language, but the message is encouraging for all couples.

Undone Redone (website) Traylor and Melody Lovvorn have a great show where they get real about all sorts of things – coming from a couple who broke up and got back together. Excellent.

Once again – If you like these shows, we’d love for you to try out the Stupendous Marriage Show sometime! And, If you know of other marriage and family podcasts – please add them in the comments – I would love to listen in! 🙂

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  1. Listen to the Growing in Love for Life podcast with Liam Naden. This guy has some great information that has helped to save my marriage. He has a nice calm voice too. On his website here:
    Growing In Love For Life

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