Treat Your Spouse Like a Stranger

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Sometimes I am kinder to strangers than I am to my mate.

I can be flat out mean to my Beautiful Wife™ in the bread aisle, then 1 minute later, be kind as can be to the cashier at the register.

Why is that?

I take my spouse for granted.
She is too familiar.  I’m Not saying that I shouldn’t be familiar with her.

I am saying, that I take her for granted because she is familiar to me. I think I know my spouse better than I really do.

Many times, I don’t even stop to think, I just respond.

When I respond without thinking, or respond out of habit, or respond before she finishes her sentence- because I think I know what she is going to say…Many times I end up vomiting nasty or inappropriate words all over her.

I wouldn’t vomit all over a stranger would I?

What Other Ways Am I Nicer To Strangers?

It’s not just my words that are nicer to strangers…there are other little things that I do for strangers that I have stopped doing for my spouse because she is so familiar:

My LooksI get dressed up to go out with friends, or to work…and don’t dress up or keep well groomed for her.

Gracious BehaviorI hold the door for someone walking into the store, but let it go so my wife has to grab it and hoist it open (usually with the kiddo in tow).

SmilesI flash the pearly whites to strangers. As I walk away, I turn and give ‘scowl city’ to my wife.

My encouragement: Treat your Spouse Like a Stranger.

Talk to them nicely.

Smile at them.

Be Gracious to them.

Dress to impress them.

What did I miss?

Are there other ways we treat strangers better than our spouse? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. i was thankful to find this and that it was written by a man… my husband is the KING of acting great to others, being so out of the way nice and doing favors, etc, then turns around and can be HORRIBLE to me.. even tho i bring this up many times and let him know this and then he will apologize, he keeps doing it, all the while trying to blame ME for his behavior!!

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