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Today we reveal the nominees for the 2011 Top 10 Marriage Blog List.

1.Visit these sites (No really – These are GREAT people writing to help encourage and inspire you in your marriage. If you want to have a more solid marriage, take some time and surround your self with people who are learning and growing and passing along what they have learned!! That’s what this list is REALLY about)

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The top 10 Marriage Blog List will be published on December 5th.

I had a great question come up – ‘Is this like American idol where you vote as many times as you can?” 

The Answer to that is **NO**, this is like a regular election where you vote only once!!!


**Please only vote once.**


The Top 10 Marriage Blog Finalists for 2011 (in no particular order)

  • HappilyMarriedAfter – ‘…an under treasured blog that gets right to the point.’
  • Journey To Surrender – ‘…Scott has a heart for one flesh marriages and a heart for God’s word about marriages. ‘
  • Marriage Gems – ‘…Her thoughts are insightful and caring-she wants everyone to experience the best possible relationship with their spouse and her blog shows that. ‘
  • Marriage Life Ministries – ‘…I have learned so much about marriage that I wish I had known 30 years ago.’
  • Speak of Marriage – ‘…This blog attempts to help couples engage and fit together these differences in pursuit of marital identity and Godly purpose.’
  • The Hubby Diaries – ‘… It’s a fast read and a good laugh.’
  • Mystery32 – ‘…a passion and a heart for marriages and desire for them to thrive.’
  • Yes, We’re Together – ‘…a very unique and funny approach to discussing a potentially controversial topic: interracial marriage.’
  • The Newlywed Wife – ‘… the good stuff, the funny stuff, and the not-so-fun stuff… about marriage’
  • Assume Love – ‘…Until I discovered Patty’s blog, I had  never heard of the concept to assume love.  I think my marriage would have been much better if I had known to assume love 34 years ago. 
  • Marriage In Motion – ‘…love this blog. It’s the most real, honest look into a real relationship I’ve read.’
  • I am a Married Mess – ‘…the journey of a wife who thinks that her husband is crazy. The wife, however, slowly discovers that she is the one that needs to get her act together.
  • One Flesh Marriage – ‘…They have made us look at marriage in a whole new light – a light we had yet it is shining brighter!!!’
  • Project M‘…Heard about this blog thru the first Top 10 List. I really enjoy it a keep going back’
  • Engaged Marriage – ‘…a source of so much joy and help in our marriage the past 2+ years
  • Fit Marriage – ‘…help busy couples enjoy healthier, more passionate lives!’
  • Anonymous8 – ‘…love the practical nature of this site’
  • I Love this Husband and Wife Stuff – ‘…it is a positive blog for marriage and I think it is good, clean fun!’
  • Marry,Divorce,Reconcile‘…I woke up one day to find myself divorced. Yet today I am joyously remarried to my ex-husband. How did this happen? And what did we learn?’
  • The Dating Divas – …’my hubby and I have tried several of the dates listed on this site…it’s been lots of fun for us’
  • The Long Haul Project‘…a real husband and wife a who  interview married couples from different places and share their stories’
  • Hot, Holy, Humorous – …’just freakin’ funny and real. Love how humor can be used to help me learn how to be a better spouse!’
  • Awesome Husbands‘This blog has helped be to become more aware of things I can do to help my marriage and my wife.’
  • James and Janka‘…communication techniques, couples planning exercises, and things for couples to do
  • Intimacy In Marriage‘…a bold, Biblical, humorous, and loving approach to this delicate topic of sexual intimacy in marriage’
  • The Generous Husband‘…a good balance of topics that affect all aspects of my relationship with my wife, are scriptural, and easy to apply in my life.’
  • The Generous Wife – ‘…love the practical tips that I can use to connect with my husband on a daily basis!’
  • One Extraordinary Marriage‘…a journey two people embark on together, through the good and the bad. And their 7 days of sex challenge totally changed my marriage!’
  • Science of Marriage ‘…I enjoy seeing a young couple being able to balance love and life meaningfully and although love is never perfect, they manage to still have 365 reasons to love one another.’
  • The HoneyMoon is Over – ‘…an honest look from the wife’s perspective about the process of learning to be married, sometimes told with humour and sometimes with heart’
  • PreEngaged‘…speaks to having healthy relationships – whether dating, engaged, or married! ‘
  • The Marriage Project‘…practical, witty, and honest. It’s a must-read’
  • Your Christian Marriage Restoration Station ‘…filled with tips, articles, and suggestions to help couples who struggle to have a peaceful and loving marriage’
  • The Hero’s Spouse‘…This blog saved my life when I was at the lowest of lows. It put me on the right path to save myself first and then my marriage.’
  • Mid Life Crisis Marriage Advocate‘…This website contains so much information to help you understand what is happening for my H and also a great deal of positive information to help me cope.’
  • Happy Wives Club‘…shining a light on the positive side of marriage…to counter the negativity seen and heard about marriage in television, movies, magazines an all other forms of media..’
  • Project Happily Ever After ‘…This blog keeps me motivated to be the change I want to see in my marriage and although I cannot afford to go to counseling anymore, I feel like I am still on the right track with the support of the community and writing posted here.’
  • 1000 Fights‘…to help couples by challenging them to work together, setting goals to travel together and learning more about one another in the process.’
  • Couple Things ‘ …It’s well written, relevant and classy.  In other words, AWESOME.’
  • Husband, a Users Guide‘…great, common sense thoughts/ideas that all of us husbands need to hear…’
  • A Grown Up Marriage‘…A Grown Up Marriage seems to be written just for me. Challenging me…the father/son talks I never had and I appreciate that.’
  • Marital Musings ‘…I like that the blogger also shares articles and information to help us improve our relationships, like a video on the topic of TV in the bedroom. I look forward to the posts because they provide great talking points…’
  • The Gift of a Lifetime‘…it’s easy to relate to blog posts and conversational style’
  • Simple Marriage‘…one of the first marriage blogs I found on the internet. I keep going back because I like the message Corey and his writers provide’
  • Christian Nymphos‘…needed some information to help in the bedroom, so thankful for these ladies and this site…
  • The Romantic Vineyard‘…I love the picture of marriage being a vineyard…enjoy the encouragement from this couple…’
  • Affaircare‘…This site was helpful to me after my H cheated on me. I couldn’t go forward, but somehow stumbled here, it helped during the hurt.’
  • Marriage Confessions‘…love the look and feel of this site. So warm and inviting. Plus It’s just real stuff about marriage and family life.’

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  1. Thanks for the extensive list here Stu. My wife’s been a big fan of Happy Wives club for along time now. Personally, I’m a big fan of “Marriage Today” (didn’t make your list). I had no idea how many marriage blogs are out there -ha. This is my first visit to your site and it’s got a very “behind the scenes” feel to it. Good stuff! Looking forward to reading around.

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