What I Learned About My Marriage at a Funeral

From Lisa…

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege to celebrate the life of a woman I didn’t know, Catherine Maxwell Pratt, a friends’ mom who passed away suddenly at the age of 83.  It was interesting to sit in the funeral home and hear stories about who this woman was and the legacy she left.

I heard stories about how she was so good at using a weed-eater, even in her 80’s, how she loved to wear high heels — I don’t mean the type of heels I wear, but real high heels, at least 4 inches tall! How she loved her children, her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends and neighbors.

But the thing that I heard that I have thought about since the service, was about her marriage.

Catherine and Thomas

Her husband Thomas died before her… I’m not sure when.  What people said about their marriage was inspiring.  They said that their marriage was special.

They loved each other so much and were each others best friend.  She took care of him and He loved her well.  They had fun together, kept each other laughing and enjoyed picking on each other, but always with love.  Their family was inspired by the relationship they had and the love they shared.

Wow, what a marriage.

As the family was sitting in the service, mourning the death of this amazing woman, the thing that was getting them through this time of loss was knowing that she was reunited with her love, her best friend, her mate in heaven.  Her marriage to Thomas was again inspiring everyone in the room to know that love can last forever!

My hope for my marriage is not to be just like “Catherine and Thomas”, but to be a new legacy, one about “Stu and Lisa”, one that inspires our son, our grandkids, family and friends to know that love can last forever and I will be blessed to live out eternity with my husband.


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Lisa is an amazing Wife, Mom and Realtor. She is passionate about people and serving others well. She has a heart for women - to encourage them in their lives and marriages.

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