Who is Driving?

Last week we had a guest speaker at Church.

This guy married his fiance and moved to Iraq right after 9/11, because he figured there was a better way to solve problems than with violence.

He and his wife took what he called “One Scary Step at a Time” and eventually started a ministry that helps people rebuild their lives after violence has stormed into their neighborhoods.

The two core messages topics he talked about were FEAR and LOVE.

I’m going to focus on Fear in this post.

He talked about “Honoring the Scary” In our lives.
That Fear doesn’t disappear when you decide to battle it.
We have to move forward regardless of whether or not we are afraid.

He said, “Of course there’s going to be fear. In the work our team does, we are afraid every day. But Fear isn’t in the driver’s seat.”

Sit with that statement for a second.
So Many times we let FEAR DRIVE.
We are subject to where it wants to go.

We have to pry its cold fingers from the steering wheel and push it into the backseat.
No, We aren’t going to be without it.
Yet it doesn’t have to guide everything we do.

Maybe there is some issue in your life or marriage that makes you afraid… and you don’t want to do anything until you aren’t afraid anymore.

You aren’t ever going to be 100% fear free. You have to move fear out of the driver’s seat and take one scary step forward.

I can’t do this message justice – it was a great conversation and you can find it here (look for “Jeremy Courtney”)

How do you pursue fear? One Scary Step at a Time.
Jeremy Courtney – Preemptive Love Coalition
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